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What “Be even more amazing” means to me

Just wanted to take a moment to thank any of you who came to read me over at the Electrolux Canada blog these past couple of weeks. I’ll be writing a weekly blog post for them and am really looking forward to sharing all I have planned!  Today is Sunday, which means a new post is probably going up tomorrow…ooh, can’t wait!  It’s a good one too.

They were kind enough to officially introduce me here, and then I started off with my first post, called “The Sweet Life“.  I confessed to plenty of shortcomings, shared a bit of what I love and what I think about this whole business of waking up and realizing that a whole household is revolving around me.  (Well, not just me…but you know what I mean.)

I love being able to create the life we want, and make it fit our dreams, our goals.  But I know we’ve met damn near every hurdle along the way, and if we haven’t hit it yet, I’m sure it’s coming.

So here’s what I think about the whole “be more amazing” thing.  I think it’s an awesome way to acknowledge that what we do already is impressive.  All the planning, the effort, the energy – it’s daunting and enormous and I love being part of something that says “it’s already fantastic”.

Looking for ways to do more, make it easier, enjoy more – all right up my alley.

So I hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy what I’m sharing over on the Electrolux Canada blog!  I promise to try to help you do more, make it easier and enjoy more (and I’ll share where I’m succeeding and slipping up along the way!)

Raise a glass, or a coffee cup, whatever you have with me, won’t you?

Cheers to being even more amazing.

Because I love the idea that we already are, where we are today.

Don’t you?


Disclosure:  this post was written by me, without any prompting from Electrolux Canada.  This one is just for fun.  

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