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Hunger isn’t a game – here’s how the numbers add up

Spend enough time online and you’ll notice two things we all spend a lot of time talking about:  kids and food.

We talk about parenting, milestones, and we swap cute stories.  Or we swoon over what we like to call food porn – oh, it’s steamy stuff all right. Recipes we’d like to try, photos of outrageous cakes, cupcakes, vast platters of party food.

But how often do we slow down and talk about kids and food?  Or more specifically, kids and families who aren’t getting enough of it?

The always wise Annie from PhD in Parenting has created this visual guide to figuring out how best we can help those who share our cities, our streets, possibly even our neighbourhoods.  It’s a great at-a-glance way to see the impact of several actions you might consider taking when you feel moved to help fill hungry bellies where you live.  And yes, there are adults going just as hungry as kids, but as a mother, the thought of growing children going hungry just makes my heart break.

Visit PhD in Parenting to learn more.

And ask yourself – is this a week I can help a child go to school with breakfast in his or her stomach?  Could I give a family the energy they need to face another day or two until payday?  Can I help a parent put food on their table?

All I know is it made me stop and think.  And then I showed it to my curious seven year old.  He was excited to see the numbers, and to see how far money really can go in the right hands.  He did that little bounce in place thing that kids do when they are excited.  Why don’t we, as adults, get excited like that?

Start by sharing this great infographic, and let it start you thinking, let it start conversations, let it inform our actions and inspire our determination.

That’s the kind of talking about kids and food we should be doing.

Infographic by Annie @ PhD in Parenting. The code for the Hunger Equations INFOGRAPHIC can be found at the PhD in Parenting Blog.Hunger Equations — What Is The Best Way to Help Fight Hunger?


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