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What is the Ontario wine chat (#ONWineChat)?

You may have noticed me getting a little excited lately over something called #ONWineChat.  It’s a great project that has come together by way of a random collaboration and shared love of wine…and Twitter.

So what is a Calgary girl doing smack in the middle of a Twitter chat that puts a spotlight on Ontario wines?

It’s a good question. I have been jokingly calling myself a rabble rouser for the newly relaunched #ONWineChat on Twitter, every Wednesday night at 10pm ET.  I was thrilled to discover that there was a #BCWineChat on Wednesday nights a few months ago, but when I looked for a similar chat in Ontario, there was nothing to be found.  Hmm, I thought. I really enjoyed my quick visit out to Niagara last fall.  And I met some really passionate wine people out there. Where are they all on Twitter?  Could we bring together some talented winemakers, wine writers, and wine enthusiasts to celebrate, inspire, learn, share and connect over Ontario wine?

Yes, we could.  Shawn McCormick from Uncork Ontario was kind enough to take the idea and run with it, deciding to relaunch the wine chats (that had been attempted once but died off long ago.) Shawn gives a little backstory and important nods to other talented wine folk who lent support as he considered the relaunch.  He’s been brave enough to take on the chats and is doing all the hosting, moderating, and organizing.  We have had two chats so far and already we can feel the community building.  We’re connecting.  We’re chatting. We’re starting to follow each other on Twitter, and chatting occasionally during the week.  It’s been a happy addition to my week, and I already look forward to the chance to pour a glass of wine and join smart and engaged people to chat wine for an hour.  You can follow along and read, you can jump in and answer questions, it’s free territory.  Just show up and be there to share and learn about Ontario wine, and what all goes on behind the scenes, in the bottle, in the vineyard, in the market – you name it, we just might chat about it.

Here is a great link to save from UncorkOntario – all the archives from past chats, plus new topics going forward so you can be sure not to miss any!

And what about me?  I’m just there to support, share and encourage it all.  Call it fun, call it a small passion project, call it a great way to meet people I will love to go East and meet this year if I can. Whatever it is, I’m enjoying it.  I love wine, and I love social media. I’m not a winemaker,  and my experience in the wine industry was a decade ago.  I have worked in a winery, and I have shlepped and sold and poured and managed many things wine for a time, but long ago.  I’m not a wine writer, except when I seem to not be able to resist it. But I have always loved being around people passionate about wine.  I always loved that with wine there was an endless amount to learn and appreciate – never will we know it all.  It’s ever changing, ever evolving, every harvest and producer unique.  Fascinating.

So if you love Ontario wine, and want to rub virtual elbows with others who do too, come join us in #ONWineChat, every Wednesday night 10 pm ET.  Be sure to pour a glass of wine first – trust me, by the time the chat gets going, you’ll wish you had.

I’m ready for tonight’s chat, are you?

“Drink wine…this is life eternal;
this is all that youth will give you.
It is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends.
Be happy for this moment; this moment is your life….”
-Omar Khayyam

My old faithful.
12 years in, still smooth.


  • Shawn McCormick

    February 21, 2013., 11:04 am / Reply

    Thanks for posting this and the kind words Jen. It's been a blast so far and I can feel that the momentum is building. I'm hoping we can move into a similar position to #BCWineChat where they have been able to influence politicians and laws around #FreeMyGrapes. Hopefully some of your local readers jump in - we'd love to have more western representation in the discussion.

  • Ontario wine chat and #freemygrapes | Little Miss Mocha

    July 3, 2013., 7:46 pm / Reply

    [...] the Ontario Wine Chat. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about the wine chat – here’s where #ONwinechat started.  It’s been great fun so far, and I’m amazed at how much we have covered in five months. [...]


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