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Words and a welcome

It is an odd thing to reach into quiet, into an absence, long unsure of what may be found. Many days passed, and more significantly, many words unwritten.   Time to begin anew.   Writing again after a long hiatus is like setting foot on a rope bridge for the first time. Feels shaky, yet […]

Where do business and blogging intersect?

A couple of nights ago I took part in a really interesting discussion exploring the relationship between business and blog.  Why should business owners blog?  What might the benefits be?  Where to start? I was a panelist for an event with Crave Calgary, along with two talented locals:  cookbook author and writer, Julie Van Rosendaal […]

How to build engagement on Twitter

Twitter engagement – is it really all that elusive? I was asked by someone recently to share some thoughts on social media, especially Twitter, in the hopes that I would pass along a little advice or a few suggestions.  One of the biggest pieces of advice I gave struck me as funny to say out […]