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Update on the Sask film industry

My Saskatchewan includes the Saskatchewan film industry.

Does yours?

Today, again, I am supporting the Saskatchewan Film Industry.  They have taken to social media to share their story, to update their communities on what has been happening lately, and to call for change.

I’ve pulled together a few links to help others see why this issue deserves attention, support, and momentum!

Here’s why you’ll see me tweeting my support, and why my Facebook profile shows the above photo for the day:

Support SK Film Info

Sask Film Industry Enlists Social Media

read this letter from the Directors’ Guild of Canada

check out this Storify recap of the #SFETC story

and check out the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association website.

And what does it all have to do with me?  I don’t work in the industry, but I am from Saskatchewan and got pulled into the story earlier this year.  Remember when I met Kim Coates?   If you read any of the posts below, or if what you are reading today moves you, I encourage you to support the SK film industry today!

Every Great Cause Needs a Hero – Kim Coates and the SK film industry

Who Will Tell Saskatchewan’s Stories?

A teacher’s perspective on the Sask film industry



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