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Words and a welcome

It is an odd thing to reach into quiet, into an absence, long unsure of what may be found. Many days passed, and more significantly, many words unwritten.


Time to begin anew.


Writing again after a long hiatus is like setting foot on a rope bridge for the first time. Feels shaky, yet familiar. Steady, yet there is unpredictability under one’s feet.


But isn’t there always? Writing is always a bit of a wildly fired shot in the proverbial dark – a quick draw, sharp intake of breath, then commitment. No matter how thoughtful the process, there is always a moment of risk.


It’s been a little like living through a major renovation. I’ve been here the whole time, but haven’t really been inviting people over. Things are a bit askew, I’m not sure where to put the last random things, and it’s likely I’ve been wearing the same pair of ripped jeans for three days.


But I miss the company. So, here in this place, the new home of the Little Miss Mocha blog, I offer a quiet welcome back to those who would like to visit. I’m hoping you’ll overlook the bits and pieces that are not yet finished and use kind eyes when you drop by.


As with any other move, there are decisions of what to unpack first. Maybe I’ll unpack some favourite things to make this new space feel like home. Perhaps rereading old favourites like “What to bring to a conference” will help. Remembering how much I loved tucking memories among the words like I did in long ago posts like in “Precious cargo” also warms me. Revisiting favourite words like these helps remind me what I’m doing here and why. I’m hoping it will do the same for you.


Before I know it, things are tidy, coffee is steaming in mugs, and the welcome mat is on the front step. I’ve found a new home for my words, and I hope you’ll visit often.


Welcome back and my thanks to those who have waited patiently for me to return.


Love, Mocha xo


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