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Mixed beans for 3.11.12

Well, shame on me, I missed last week’s mixed beans update.  I was out buying myself a pretty new laptop, after the great laptop drowning of 2012 and that took up most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday as we shopped, brought it home, figured out our file retrieval system and finally started to figure it all […]

Would you take it all off for a good cause? What about for breast cancer?

No?  How about taking some of it off?  We’ll get to why a little later, first I want to talk about health.  Our health.  Women’s health.  You, me, your sister, your mom, your aunt, your best friend…and maybe someday, your daughter. As we get older and start to own our health as adults, there are […]

And life overflows

So this weekend has been full of warm fuzzies. I’m all the more convinced I know the best people.  Why?  Well, first I got news that I’d been nominated for a Canadian Family Readers’ Choice award!  A challenge was put out to attendees at a recent conference, and I decided to submit.  I feel appreciative […]