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And life overflows

So this weekend has been full of warm fuzzies. I’m all the more convinced I know the best people.  Why?  Well, first I got news that I’d been nominated for a Canadian Family Readers’ Choice award!  A challenge was put out to attendees at a recent conference, and I decided to submit.  I feel appreciative […]

Where all the words went…

Taking part in SOC (Stream of Consciousness) Sunday: It’s funny how our minds work.  I’ve been doing some thinking about this blog, and my writing, and feeling badly that I haven’t been taking the time to write here.  And my mind turns that into “I haven’t been writing much, I should fix that.” But the […]

Destination: imperfection

It’s not them, it’s you (gasp!) This week I read a great post by Neil Hedley, about how some people fail to realize while it may feel better to blame others when things don’t go their way, at some point they need to take responsibility and realize – maybe it’s them. Or, to quote him directly and […]