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How to be a Psychic Mom

If your home is like mine, with a little one who suddenly became a bundle of activity, it happens all day long.  You glance up, and your babe is playing quietly with her stuffed animals.  A few seconds later she’s nowhere to be seen.  Or, you watch your little guy flipping through board books, only […]

Spend Money and Time Wisely

“Sometimes I have more time than money… sometimes I have more money than time.” This little saying has saved my sanity on more than one occasion.  A busy family schedule with plenty of work, two young kids, and businesses to run doesn’t exactly lend itself to doing everything ourselves, every time.  And while I absolutely […]


I love to talk with my six year old son about places we’d like to go together.  Travel, exploring foreign countries, new cities, you name it.  Whatever the new locale may be, the sparkle in his eye as he asks questions and decides if the adventure sounds tempting enough is irresistible to me.  For various […]