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Spend Money and Time Wisely

“Sometimes I have more time than money… sometimes I have more money than time.” This little saying has saved my sanity on more than one occasion.  A busy family schedule with plenty of work, two young kids, and businesses to run doesn’t exactly lend itself to doing everything ourselves, every time.  And while I absolutely […]


I love to talk with my six year old son about places we’d like to go together.  Travel, exploring foreign countries, new cities, you name it.  Whatever the new locale may be, the sparkle in his eye as he asks questions and decides if the adventure sounds tempting enough is irresistible to me.  For various […]

Giving Back for Tomorrow

As a parent, one of the things I want to teach my kids is how easy it is to give to others.  But it can feel overwhelming.  There are hundreds of ways we could give back…in our communities, in the world beyond.  But the question looms:  how far can one donation really go?  We need […]

NYC – Once is Never Enough

Last month, I visited New York City for the first time.  It was almost in disbelief that I got off the plane, knowing this place that had attracted me so was finally mine to explore, experience, enjoy.  Fifth Avenue, Central Park, Tiffany’s, the Museum of Modern Art, the restaurants, even the crowds…bliss.  Even the corner […]

New York – A City of Surprises

Close your eyes and picture what you know of New York City.  Picture streets full of people walking, all jostling for position as they hurry along.  Barely waiting for the lights to change, their focus is on where they are headed, nothing else.  When I booked this trip weeks ago, I imagined no one making […]