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What is money?

What is money?  Have you ever really sat down and thought about it? It’s how you get all the stuff you need, right? So, really, is that all that money is?  The stuff you spend it on?   It seems that when you are young, money is primarily about getting.  You use it to get […]

Toys and the truth

For years my five year old son thought toys simply appeared in our home, materializing out of thin air and good behaviour.  I would pick things up for him, stash them, and bring them out when it seemed we needed a new distraction, or a happy reward. Oh, sure, I took him shopping.  As a […]

Coffee love

Does anyone remember when I looked like this on Twitter?  Way back when I was first trying to figure out what Twitter was all about, thinking, hmm…what could the appeal be?  (9 months and way too many tweets later, I’m hooked.) Well, anyway, then I got ribbed about being a “cup with legs” so I sucked […]

Thinking INSIDE the Dessert Box

It happened so slowly that I didn’t see it coming.   He always ate well as a baby and accepted new foods eagerly.  I beamed.  I bragged.  I congratulated myself. Fast forward three years.  I distractedly prepared my four year old’s dinner and caught myself rinsing off his chicken so he wouldn’t notice the sauce.  It […]


“We’re taking some time apart.  We need to remember who we were before we were together. We still love each other.” Two weeks ago I wrote these words to someone on Twitter and had immediate reactions from other friends who happened to come in mid-thread.  They responded, thinking a once rewarding relationship had suddenly turned […]