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Coffee love

Does anyone remember when I looked like this on Twitter?  Way back when I was first trying to figure out what Twitter was all about, thinking, hmm…what could the appeal be?  (9 months and way too many tweets later, I’m hooked.) Well, anyway, then I got ribbed about being a “cup with legs” so I sucked […]

Thinking INSIDE the Dessert Box

It happened so slowly that I didn’t see it coming.   He always ate well as a baby and accepted new foods eagerly.  I beamed.  I bragged.  I congratulated myself. Fast forward three years.  I distractedly prepared my four year old’s dinner and caught myself rinsing off his chicken so he wouldn’t notice the sauce.  It […]


“We’re taking some time apart.  We need to remember who we were before we were together. We still love each other.” Two weeks ago I wrote these words to someone on Twitter and had immediate reactions from other friends who happened to come in mid-thread.  They responded, thinking a once rewarding relationship had suddenly turned […]

Must read book for moms!

Catherine Newman’s book Waiting for Birdy has become one of my all time favourite books.  Newman used to write for a magazine I liked called Wonder Time.  I stumbled across this book in the parenting section of my bookstore one day, recognized her name and bought it.  I adore it.  It’s been in my possession for just over a year, and in […]