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It is an odd thing to reach into quiet, into an absence, long unsure of what may be found. Many days passed, and more significantly, many words unwritten.   Time to begin anew.   Writing again after a long hiatus is like setting foot on a rope bridge for the first time. Feels shaky, yet […]

Would you take it all off for a good cause? What about for breast cancer?

No?  How about taking some of it off?  We’ll get to why a little later, first I want to talk about health.  Our health.  Women’s health.  You, me, your sister, your mom, your aunt, your best friend…and maybe someday, your daughter. As we get older and start to own our health as adults, there are […]

Where all the words went…

Taking part in SOC (Stream of Consciousness) Sunday: It’s funny how our minds work.  I’ve been doing some thinking about this blog, and my writing, and feeling badly that I haven’t been taking the time to write here.  And my mind turns that into “I haven’t been writing much, I should fix that.” But the […]