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Content marketing, content strategy & custom content creation


Engaging and interesting content can boost your traffic and tell potential clients all about you. It can build trust, thought leadership, and loyalty. It can also help keep your online presence fresh and interesting. What’s your story? How are you telling it? We know how to create content that will engage your audiences, position you as an authority, and tell the stories you want told. Let’s get started.


“Jen is a pleasure to work with, and is a terrific writer with a great voice. She’s on time, professional, and I’ll most certainly look for any opportunity to work with her again in the future.”

~Julie Steiner, CEO at Percy3D Media


“Jen is one of the best content creator/bloggers and social media influencers I have had the pleasure to work with. We retained her to be the in-house blogger for Electrolux Canada, where she single-handedly took both the content (in terms of quality) and the traffic (in terms of quality AND volume) to new levels. I would not hesitate an instant before hiring her again.”

~Mike Connell, digital strategist, Scratch &



Community management


Online communities are a powerful source of energy and connection, but many companies don’t know how to navigate them. You may not have time to create, nurture, and engage your community but they can be a powerful source of feedback and revenue. Your clients and customers are online, whether you engage them or not. Wouldn’t it be better to join the conversation, and connect with them?  What do they want and need? Let’s find out.


"Jen was the community manager for a conference I attended. Watching her begin to engage participants prior to the event through conversations, posts, and hilarious comments brought the group together before ever stepping foot into a conference room. It set the tone for the rest of the conference. Brilliant execution!”

~ Shelagh Cummins, Founder and Chief Business Strategist,


“Jen is a professionally minded, highly personable writer, editor and Community Manager. She is well spoken and writes like a dream. You can not go wrong with Jen. Highly recommend her.” 

~Candace Derickx, Founder, Life in Pleasantville




Whether you need website content that attracts the right audience, or someone to get your business ideas down on paper, we’re here to help! First impressions matter. When people read your website, proposals, and other business materials, they want to be wowed. Your ideas should take centre stage, not your typos. Let us polish things up and showcase your business!


“We were incredibly blessed to have Jen contribute her many talents to EverythingMom Media Inc. Although her title reflected “Community Manager”, she dabbled in Everything! As an expert social media maven, Jen consistently engaged our community with genuine, uplifting communication. Her compelling voice often delivered both editorial content and sponsored client communication. Jen’s keen eye for detail kept our content squeaky clean of typos and grammatical errors. Jen is a gal who really can do it all! 

I would highly recommend Jen for her passion, loyalty, dedication, and her can-do committed attitude that gets the job done well, the first time, on time. Above all, Jen brings her genuine and authentic self to everything she does and is well loved by all who know her.”

~Michelle Davies, Founder, EverythingMom Media Inc.


Put us to work for you!


Connect with us and we’ll find the right words to tell your story. Working with us gets you digital and content strategy, as well as someone to champion your business when and where you can’t. Let us help fill the gaps in all these areas. Enjoy the freedom to be a part of the planning and strategy or to hand it all over. Project to project or ongoing support available.